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Kitsune Hamha Rescue Relationship Meme by RuBoo
Kitsune Hamha Rescue Relationship Meme

Color (Original Meaning): Meaning

:bulletblack: Grey (Enemy/Rival): If someone’s managed to make it here, it means they’ve crossed a line. They’ve made Kitsune mad, and there is little chance of digging themselves out of this hole. He will avoid them at any cost, as he does not like to fight.

:bulletblack: Black (Dislike): Those at this point have given Kitsune a reason to actively avoid them. He will avoid them whenever he can, though not in all situations.

:bulletpurple: Purple (Neutral): Kitsune’s met these Ham-Hams, but hasn’t really made an opinion of them one way or the other.

:bulletblue: Blue (Acquaintance): Ham-Hams at this level have been met, and Kitsune has a generally positive opinion of them.

:bulletyellow: Yellow (Friend): These Ham-Hams have proven themselves friendly to Kitsune, and they are very important to him.

:bulletgreen: Green (Good Friend): These Ham-Hams are the closest of close friends with Kitsune, and are definite exceptions to some of his rules, particularly his “no contact” rule.

:bulletpink: Pink (Crush): Kitsune has noticed these female Ham-Hams, and is attracted to them, but is unsure if they feel the same.

:bulletred: Red (Love): The strongest of all bonds. Kitsune likes her, and she likes him. Only something Enemy-worthy could break this bond. As with Good Friends, they are definite exceptions to some of his rules.

For :iconhamha-rescue:.
Hamha Rescue RP Meme by RuBoo
Hamha Rescue RP Meme
RP Meme for :iconhamha-rescue:, but also applies to other RPs. Particularly since mature RPs are not allowed by Hamha Rescue.

- Notes -
Not time-sensitive, read and reply at one's own leisure. If I see it's been read but not yet replied to, though... Yeah, I get the hint...

- Comment -
Public, so mature is probably a definite no-no. Not preferred, but the only option I have for group RPs.

- Chat -
My Internet situation does not really allow for this. Might get on every so often, but don't expect it.

- One+One -
Most likely option, the only one for Notes.

- Group -
Don't mind group RPs, but not a fan of RPing in Comments. Which, as mentioned earlier, is the only option I have for group RPs.

- Script - Paragraph -
I can use either, whichever is preferred, but I normally use Paragraph form these days.

- I Will Do -
Adventuring is something I can do. Romance is something I can do, but I don't know how good I am at it. Mature is something I've been doing a lot lately, but is not allowed by Hamha Rescue.

- I Won't Do -
Horror, gore, and death are fairly closely related, and are all listed in case you can't take the hint. None of that, please. Turns my stomach.

Hoping this is alright. If not, well...
Hamha Rescue Application by RuBoo
Hamha Rescue Application


:bulletpink: Name: Kitsune

:bulletgreen: Gender: Male

:bulletpink: Birthday: July 20

:bulletgreen: Owner: No owner

:bulletpink: Personality: Loner, quiet, a bit shy

:bulletgreen: History: A Ham-Ham with fur patterning that resembles a fox, Kitsune has been alone for as long as he can remember. Whenever he came upon a new Ham-Ham, he would try to make friends with them, in hopes they would help him survive. Most simply ignored him, and all others either didn’t like him or annoyed him. Regardless, he does like helping others, especially if he finds them attractive. Fortunately, he has managed to gain some skills to help him survive as a result.

:bulletpink: Hobbies: Wandering, daydreaming

:bulletgreen: Likes: Being alone or with friends

:bulletpink: Dislikes: Physical contact, being alone (sometimes)

:bulletgreen: Item: None

:bulletpink: Extras: A bit of a wanderer. Terrible at making friends, but easily infatuated. Particularly shy around attractive Ham-Ham females. Able to float in water, and capable of basic swimming (i.e. doggy paddle).
My application for :iconhamha-rescue:.

No, I don't mean fairies. Sprites as in video game sprites. Particularly, side-scrolling game type sprites, like in the Super Mario and Metroid series 2-D games, not top-down like LoZ or Pokemon. A few characters in particular, with specific color schemes, which one may recognize from SSBB:
Mario: Black hat, black overalls, white shirt, black shoes.
Luigi: Pink hat, pink shirt, brown overalls, brown shoes.
Princess Peach: White dress.
Bowser: Black skin, white, gold-trimmed shell.
Link: Black tunic & hat, grey hair, dark skin, red eyes.
Samus: Black power suit, yellow visor.
I may use other sprites, like SMB series enemies and (possibly) other characters from Brawl. I'd also need some backgrounds, though I could probably get those easily. If anyone would like to contribute, I only ask for consistency between the various sprites (i.e. 16-bit sprites, characters to scale with one another as per SSB, etc).



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